Emergency claims

Step 1. Contact us

If you’re ready to make a claim, need advice regarding a claim, or need to check your cover call us on +61 2 8256 1794

Is it a medical emergency?

We’re here day and night, to help you if you’ve been in an accident, become unwell, or need emergency medical attention while travelling overseas. To give you the best possible help, we work with Fullerton Health Australia – a leading global Medical Assistance network. You can call or reverse charge call our Fullerton Health team 24-hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Emergency assistance

You can call +61 2 8256 1794 from anywhere in the world and reverse the charges.

General claims

Complete your claim online in a few easy steps. For help with your claim call +61 2 8256 1794 or email claims@travelwithjane.com

Step 2. Gather supporting documents

Documents like medical reports, invoices, purchase receipts and police reports will help support your claim.

Medical claims

For medical, hospital or dental claims you’ll need to have called us as soon as possible, and you’ll need original medical accounts and receipts.

Theft or
loss claims

For claims related to loss or theft of your bags, phone, laptop or personal items, you’ll need to have reported the incident to the police or relevant authority immediately after discovering the loss. You’ll also need to obtain a written notice of your report and show proof of ownership for the items lost.


For claims due to a trip cancellation you’ll need to provide us with documents like your original booking invoice and receipts, a trip cancellation invoice, written confirmation from your airline or travel agent, and unused travel tickets and itineraries.

Step 3. Claim online

Use our easy claim form to claim online. We can process your claim within 10 business days of receiving a complete claim form and all necessary documents.

Don’t worry, we’ll send written notification within 10 business days if we need any additional information to support your claim.

Step 4. We’ll do the rest

Provided we’ve got all the necessary documents we’ll process, assess, and pay your claim without delay.

Claims Tips

  • Always keep your policy number handy when you travel. It will help us to help you faster if you need to call.
  • In the event of an overseas emergency notify us as soon as possible. You can reach us 24/7 on +61 2 8256 1794.
  • To claim on a bag or item that was stolen or lost you’ll need to have reported the theft or permanent misplacement within 24 hours to local police, your hotel, tour operator, airline, bus line, shipping line or rail line. Keep a copy of a written report or statement as you’ll need this when making your claim.
  • Keep receipts for expenses and lost or stolen goods.
  • Keep any valuables that get damaged as we may be able to repair them.
  • If your trip is delayed or cancelled, always get written confirmation from your airline, travel agent, or tour operator.
  • We will send written notification within 10 business days if any additional information is needed.

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