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How Lite Travel Insurance Cover Pays For Lost Phone & Bags

26 December 2015

Here’s how Travel with Jane Lite travel insurance covers your lost, stolen or damaged phone, luggage and personal items. It can happen to anyone. Your bag is beside you at the train station and next minute it’s nicked. Or, you’re happily sunning yourself at the pool when your phone gets stomped on by a clumsy waiter. Not Happy. Whether you’ve lost your bags and gear, had them stolen, or accidentally damaged, Travel with Jane’s Lite travel insurance cover pays up to $5,000 to either replace, repair or pay you the cash value of the items lost. That’s up to $3,000 for cameras, laptops and tablets each, $1,000 for phones each, and up to $750 for all other personal items.


Just so we’re on the same page, ‘luggage and personal effects’ means personal items that you own, or buy, wear or carry on your trip. We’re talking about things like clothes, jewellery, cameras, phones, laptops and other personal electronic devices. If you’re wearing it, or it’s in your suitcase, it should be covered – that includes the bag itself. That means items like furniture or home decorations bought overseas, or business samples taken with you on your trip, for example, will not be covered.



Lite Cover

Tablets and Laptops

All personal computers and devices, including laptops and tablets, are covered up to $3000 each.

Up to $3,000 per item lost
Cameras and Video Recorders All cameras, including digital cameras, SLR cameras and video cameras are covered up to $3000 each. Up to $3,000 per item lost
Mobile Phones All mobile devices, including Android phones, iPhones and Windows phones are covered up to $1000 each. Up to $1,000 per item lost.
Other Personal Items This includes items like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, books and so on. We also include surfboard in transit (but not while surfing). We look at a pair of shoes or earrings as one item. Up to $750 per item lost.


Even with travel insurance, no one wants to lose their luggage while travelling, so we’re thinking you’re going to do everything you can to keep your stuff safe and avoid sticky situations. The devil is in the detail, so take note of some important rules and exceptions that apply to making a claim on lost, stolen or damaged luggage. Here are the main things to look out for. To be super prepared, read your policy PDS.
  1. We can’t process your claim without a statement or report of the theft or permanent misplacement made to police, transport carrier or travel operator, within 24 hours.
  2. Don’t put your valuable personal items in the cargo hold. If loss, theft or damage occurs in the cargo hold of your plane, train, bus – you name it – we can’t process your claim. This includes jewellery, and laptops, cameras, computers, phones and their accessories.
  3. If it’s a mobile phone or mobile-enabled device you’ve lost, you’ll need to provide its IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity) with your claim. We’ll also need you to have blocked the IMEI with your Aussie mobile network. Without an IMEI code we can’t process your claim. Note, blocking your IMEI is different to blocking your SIM.
  4. We won’t cover luggage or gear that was accidentally left behind at a hotel after check out, or on a plane, rental vehicle or other mode of transport. The same goes for bags left in the car during daylight, unless in the boot, or left in the car overnight, even if left in the boot.
  5. We won’t cover damage due to ordinary wear and tear, weather conditions, insects, rodents or vermin. You were right to pack the bug spray.


  • Depreciation To work out how much to pay you for lost, stolen or damaged luggage, we need to determine and apply depreciation due to age, wear and tear for each item. Depreciation applies unless were talking about stuff bought duty free, or on your trip.
  • Repair or Replace When it comes to replacing or repairing your luggage or personal items, we reserve the right to choose which course of action to take.

Safety first, even on holiday. Go smarter with Travel with Jane travel insurance.

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