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HUFFINGTON POST  The Travel Insurance Company Tackling Australia’s Gender Pay Gap

MAMAMIA An Aussie travel insurance company is offering women a ‘gender pay gap’ discount.

7TRAVEL This travel insurance company is offering a ‘Gender Pay Gap discount’ for women

PEDESTRIAN Oz Outfit Slings Travel Insurance to Women at Discount Equal to Wage Gap

ELLE This Travel Insurance Company Offers Women A Discount To Make Up For The Gender Pay Gap

INSURANCE BUSINESS reveals world first gender-pay gap discount for women

NOVA100 An Aussie company is about to become the first in the world to offer this discount

SUBLIME FINDS Travel with Jane discounted insurance for women to allow for the gender pay gap

MARIE CLAIR Travel Company Offers ‘Gender Pay Gap Discount’ for Women

ANYTIFFNG  Travel + Feminism

FINDER.COM.AU Travel with Jane vs 1st for Women

THE AUSTRALIAN  Remote antidote to tech’s toxic ‘bro’ culture

All About Jane

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Travel with Jane is powered by a remote and local team spanning Sydney, South Africa and Scotland.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with Women’s Legal Services in NSW and QLD to support their work by contributing a percentage of each policy bought.

Our Story

Serving the needs of Australia’s female travellers is what drives us. Learn about our journey to launch, and plans for the future.


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