Giving Back

Women’s Legal Services provides crucial support to women where it counts.

We’ve partnered with Women’s Legal Services across Australia by donating a percentage of every travel insurance policy sold


When we started Travel with Jane, we knew as a team that we wanted to give back to Australian women in a meaningful way. From an insurance point of view, we’ve identified a gap in the way policy information and pricing structure is communicated to women. This is a problem seen across the financial services sector, which we’ve set out to address through an investment in consumer education.

After a lot of consideration we settled on a partnership with Women’s Legal Service NSW and QLD, to be closely followed by a partnership with the Service in each state.

Women’s Legal Service (WLS) provides a range of free legal services to Australian women. Their service is crucial to women wanting to see definitive change in their lives, yet the Service is severely under-funded.


We’re happy to be supporting the Women’s Legal Service in NSW and QLD by donating a portion of every policy sold, to the WLS.


To help serve the needs of women across Australia, there’s a Women’s Legal Service in each state. You can learn more about the work they do and support them in your own way by visiting their websites and following them on social.


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