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Travel Cheap and Cheerful with 5 Awesome Budget-Friendly Places To Travel in Asia

4 April 2018

Budget-minded Aussie travellers have been visiting Asia for decades with many regarding Bali as our 9th state. But where else in Asia can we travel on a budget?

While Indo and South Eastern Asia are known for their cheap prices and beautiful landscapes, many cities across the entire continent have remained extremely inexpensive. So while there are certainly a lot to choose from – let’s put Denpasar on hold for the minute, these five Asian cities are now some of the most budget-friendly and interesting to visit in 2018.


Visitors to Nepal generally head to the country’s mountains for trekking excursions, however, the city of Kathmandu is worth spending a few days in. There are some amazing Buddhist temples located in the city, as well as numerous nearby treks for those unable to make the trip to Everest. Like, most of us.
Kathmandu caters to a wide range of budgets. It’s a city that backpackers have been flocking to for decades, with many different hostels and guesthouses available for less than $20 per night. Travel within the city is inexpensive as well.


Myanmar has been featured in the news as of late due to the government’s alleged ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people. Unfortunately, this nation’s situation between Bangladesh and Thailand has been involved in numerous violent clashes for years. Despite this, many adventure travellers still visit Myanmar and it remains one of the cheapest countries in Asia.

The capital city of Yangon is often viewed as a stopping point for travellers heading to the incredible ancient city of Bagan. Those that choose to spend time exploring Yangon will be pleased to find numerous beautiful temples and fantastic culinary scene. Furthermore, accommodation is very cheap here, with numerous hostels available for less than $15 per night. Myanmar continues to struggle with violent conflicts, however, tourists are unlikely to be affected in any way. 
Just check in with Smartraveller before booking those flights, as the situation is in flux.


The capital city of Taiwan has become a centre of economic and technological progress in Asia. It’s not often viewed as a budget-friendly city, especially compared to areas within Southeast Asia, however, travellers here can still visit Taipei comfortably on a shoestring budget.

There are so many things to see and do in Taipei. Ancient temples such as the Taipei Confucius Temple are available to see a glimpse into the country’s past, while the city’s modern buildings like the Taipei 101 shines light on the future. Many budget hostels are available here for around $25 per night, and a meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost around $5. As Taiwan’s economy continues to grow, prices in the capital city are likely to go up, making now the perfect time to visit.

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城市與老街- 向東方飛行,冬季約10小時,你會來到熟悉的家鄉。或許才剛離開沒多久,你還熟悉這裡的氣味。不過天氣已轉向夏日,炎熱感襲來。在北方的小鎮上是你從小到大不斷參訪的老街。變的是參訪的人們不再只是本地人了,不同國籍的人們在這條小街上交錯,川流不息。所有的路線跟記憶中的相同;時間不斷地催促著,轉眼間悲情城市的一切變成為一場幾小時的夢。 #taipei #taiwan #taiwanesegirl #jiufen #jiufenoldstreet #crewlayover #flyhome #familytime #travelgram #flyaroundcities

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India itself is considered to be a subcontinent. It’s a place like no other, where the culture is as diverse as the geography. The capital city of New Delhi is perhaps the most vibrant in the entire country, filled with amazing architecture, food, and people. Delhi saw a spike in prices a few years back, however, in recent times a number of fantastic budget hostels and restaurants have opened up.

Paharganj, the main backpacking area here, is still filled with many affordable guesthouses and hostels. Travel outside this area will be an adventure, as traffic in India is infamously hectic. Taxi drivers will almost assuredly overcharge tourists, so it’s best to agree to the fare beforehand. Many of the museums are free here, and budget-minded travellers can eat a good meal for less than $5.


Bangkok, the capital city of the country known as the “land of smiles”, is well known as one of the cheapest places in Asia to travel. It’s an important travel hub within Southeast Asia, drawing in millions of tourists every single year. Prices in Thailand have gone up slightly over the past decade, yet it remains an easy place to visit on a shoestring budget thanks to the plethora of cheap eats and accommodation options.
Khao San Road remains the go-to area in Bangkok for budget travellers. A wide range of different hotels and hostels are located here, some of which cost less than $20 per night. It’s also filled with extremely affordable restaurants and a fantastic nightlife scene. Bangkok may not remain cheap forever, so visit it now while the prices are still low.

Each of these cities can be seen for incredibly low prices and they all offer something special for visitors of all walks of life. Add in budget airline specials from the likes of Jetstar and Air Asia and there’s always a city in Asia for the shoestring traveller.

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