Cancellations & delays

Need to cancel your trip or change your plans last minute? Here’s how a Travel with Jane covers your travel agent and trip cancellations and delays.

One of the questions that might come into your mind while planning for a trip is “do I need travel cancellation insurance?” and the answer is YES because few things bite like having to cancel a holiday. Maybe you were struck down by chicken pox, or got made redundant out of the blue. Suddenly your holiday plans are up in the air and you’re worrying about getting your airfare or deposit back. Or, what if your flight is delayed or your bags go walkabout?

Travel delays tend to have a domino effect. Your plane’s delayed which means you need to stay over for the night, or maybe two. Worse, you’re now late for that wedding or birthday celebration you’ve been counting down to. Or, you arrive at your holiday destination only to find your bags had ideas of their own. While these things can – and do – happen, breathe easy knowing that we offer a stack of benefits that take care of cancellation and delays.

Travel delay expenses

A hold up at the airport? If your pre-paid scheduled transport is delayed, cancelled or rescheduled Travel with Jane will pay you for reasonable additional expenses for accommodation, meals and transfers between transport terminals and accommodation where you are delayed for six hours or more, up to the applicable limit for each 12-hour period of delay.

We’ll also cover the cost of your unusable, non-recoverable, pre-paid accommodation, transfers, tours, events and attractions if you are unable to reach your next destination on time. If you make a claim under both of these covers, we will pay the higher of the two.

A maximum payout of $1,500 is available on Basic and Domestic cover while on Comprehensive cover it’s $3,000. The travel delay benefit is not available on Saver cover levels.

Good to know

  • Very specific and strict conditions apply. You must be able to give us all receipts and written confirmation from the carrier outlining the reasons for the cancellation, rescheduling or delay and if they offered you any compensation.
  • We will only consider additional expenses you have if they are reasonable and necessary and the same as you originally booked, and we will not pay for flights or other transport costs or upgrades for you to continue your journey.
  • Not all rules and exclusions have been listed here. Please see the Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording for full details.

Cancellation costs

Travel plans on hold? If you have to cancel any pre-paid travel expenses, Travel with Jane will pay you the value of the unused arrangements, less any refunds due to you and the reasonable cost of rearranging your trip, where the cost is less than cancellation fees or lost deposits arising because the trip is cancelled.

We will pay your travel agent’s cancellation fee up to 10% of the amount paid to the travel agent or $3,000 per policy—when the fees are paid in full or the maximum amount of deposit is paid at the time of cancellation. We will cover the expense for rescheduling your trip prior to departure provided the cost of rescheduling does not exceed the cost of cancellation. This benefit can only be claimed once per policy per insured person.

A maximum payout of $5,000 is available on Basic, $10,000 on Domestic cover, while on Comprehensive cover it’s $15,000. The cancellation benefit is not available on Saver cover levels.

Good to know

  • Any change of plans because you or your travelling companion change your mind and decide not to proceed with your original trip, or choose not to travel.
  • You are not covered for any claims arising from any Natural Disaster. Unless not publicly known of at the time of purchasing this insurance.
  • We will not pay the travel agent’s cancellation fees above the level that would have been earned by the agent were the trip not cancelled, and the loss must be due to unforeseen or unforeseeable circumstances outside of your control.
  • We use a particular method to calculate the amount we pay you and this can also be viewed in the Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording.

Emergency accommodation expenses

We will pay your additional accommodation, meal and travelling expenses including emergency personal telephone calls that you cannot claim from someone else if you have your trip disrupted because of:

  • your passport or travel documents being lost or stolen
  • you accidentally breaking any quarantine regulation
  • natural disaster or severe weather conditions
  • serious damage to your home or business premises in Australia
  • your treating doctor certifying that you or your travelling companion are unfit to continue with your original itinerary or an amended itinerary
  • an accident involving your means of transport; or
  • cancellation, delay or diversion of your scheduled transport caused by riot, strike or civil commotion

If there is a death or involving you or your travelling companion, or a relative of either you or your travelling companion, in Australia or New Zealand we will pay your additional accommodation, meal and travelling expenses including emergency personal telephone calls to return you to your home in Australia.

We will also pay your transport costs to resume your original overseas trip if you re-join it within 60 days of returning to Australia or New Zealand provided that there was seven days of your trip remaining.

A maximum payout of $5,000 is available on Basic, $2,000 on Domestic cover while on Comprehensive cover it’s $6,000. The Emergency non-medical benefit is not available on Saver cover levels.

Good to know

You can only incur these costs under this benefit if you have received our consent and your treating doctor certifies in writing that it was medically necessary, or the condition of the other person was serious enough to warrant your early return home.

Making a cancellation or delay claim

​To submit your claim for a cancellation or delay, please provide as much information as possible about what happened. You’ll need to upload the following documents with your claim:

  • Written confirmation from the transport provider who was responsible regarding the cancellation, delay or diversion, whether you’re entitled to any credits or refunds, and details of any credits or refunds that you’re entitled to.
  • Proof of the scheduled date and time of the wedding, funeral, conference, concert or sporting event. Receipts for any costs that you’re claiming for.
  • Bank statements showing what you paid in AUD, if you paid for costs in a foreign currency with a credit card.

Compare our cancellations and delays benefits across 4 levels of cover

It’s easy to choose the right level of cover when you compare how each one takes care of specific benefits. Travel with Jane offers 4 travel insurance plans to suit every Australian. Compare our travel insurance levels to find the right cover for you.

Understand your cover

Conditions and exclusions apply to every cover level and optional pack. View our Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide for full details. Sub-limits apply. Not sure? Our friendly team are here to help. Get in touch