Activities we don’t cover

Holidays are all about trying new things and we’re all for that. The reality is that some holiday activities can be dangerous and result in injury, so for that reason we don’t cover injuries that are a result of hazardous activities.

The list of activities we do cover is longer than those we don’t cover, still it’s important to know that if you’re injured during specific excluded activities or events such as hunting or parachuting, we won’t be able to cover your medical expenses.

  • You engage in winter sports unless you have purchased the optional Snow Add-On.
  • Parachuting, sky-diving, hang gliding, parapenting
  • Travel in an air-supported device other than as a passenger in a licensed passenger aircraft operated by an airline or charter company. This does not apply to hot air ballooning or parasailing.
  • If you ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet, or without having a valid licence as required in Australia and in the country of travel for the same class of motorcycle you (or they) are operating, or as a pillion passenger without a helmet

In addition, you are not covered for adventure activities unless you have purchased the optional Adventure Add-On:

  • abseiling and zip lining – fully harnessed
  • animal conservation and handling – under appropriate supervision – and excludes hunting
  • battle re-enactment – not with firearms
  • cave/river tubing
  • caving/potholing
  • contact sports including any form of rugby, Australian Rules football or American football
  • deep sea fishing – with a licensed commercial operator
  • expeditions to or on the Kokoda Track/Trail;
  • flying – passenger with a licensed commercial small aircraft or helicopter;
  • football – amateur and occasional
  • hiking, trekking or tramping – peak altitudes from 3000m to 5000m, specialist climbing equipment not required
  • hang gliding, tandem gliding and paragliding – in tandem with a licensed instructor;
  • martial arts – training, not competition
  • mountain biking – non-competitive, downhill
  • outdoor rock climbing – with ropes and appropriate safety gear
  • sailing – Up to 24 kilometres off land, not racing
  • scuba diving – depth maximum 30 metres, holder of an open water diving licence recognised in Australia, or dive with a licensed instructor
  • sky-diving, parachuting – in tandem with a licensed instructor
  • shooting – moving targets e.g. clay pigeon – at licensed gun ranges.

Keep in mind

Note that it is a condition of cover for all activities that you act in a reasonable way to protect yourself. The best way that you can do this is to enjoy your activities with a properly licensed outdoor pursuits or sports organisation and to follow their instructions.

Understand your cover

Conditions and exclusions apply to every cover level and optional pack. View our Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide for full details. Sub-limits apply. Not sure? Our friendly team are here to help. Get in touch