About travel insurance excess

With Travel with Jane, claims excess applies per event and not per item. So you aren’t stung with multiple excess deductions if you find yourself in a serious travel emergency.

What is excess?

Excess is the amount you pay if you need to lodge a claim on your policy. It’s a way of placing a portion of the risk on you and also stops you from making claims for small expenses.Like all travel insurance companies, we charge an excess on most travel insurance claims. However, with Travel with Jane, your excess applies per event and not per individual claim item, meaning your excess is capped if your claim relates to one specific event.

How much is it?

Our standard policy excess is $100 AUD. This is the amount you’ll be charged for each claim, per person and per event.

How is excess paid?

The applicable excess is deducted from any claim payment we make to you. Once your claim has been speedily processed and approved by our customer support team, we’ll deduct the excess amount from your claim pay out.

Can I buy out or reduce excess?

No. A standard excess of $100 applies per event claimed.

Does excess apply per benefit or per event?

Our excess deduction is applicable per related event, per person. For example

You become seriously ill during your trip and need to return home early. As a claim, we’re looking at both trip cancellation costs and medical costs. As these expenses are related to your medical condition, we’ll treat the claim as one event. Only one excess of $100 will apply as all expenses relate to the one incident.
Your handbag is stolen at a train station. Later that day, you accidentally slip and break your arm. These are two seperate, unrelated events. An excess of $100 would apply to each event, so that’s a deduction of $200.
You injure yourself while surfing and need stitching up at a hospital. Days later, your injury is infected and you need follow up treatment. As both expenses are part of the same event, excess will only be deducted once.

Does excess apply on all benefits?

Excess applies to most but not all benefits. To see which events attract excess, see the Summary of Cover in the Product Disclosure Statement. Excess does not typically apply to claims about:

  • Passport replacement costs
  • Essentials you buy due to your carrier losing your bags for more than 12 hours

Do you need to make a claim now?

If you are overseas or back home in Australia and wish to make a claim that does not need an immediate, emergency response,  the easiest way is to claim online.

Or, you can call +61 2 9159 6649  from anywhere in the world or email claims@travelwithjane.com. We also offer a live chat service during business hours. Click the help icon at the bottom of your screen. 

Understand your cover

Conditions and exclusions apply to every cover level and optional pack. View our Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide for full details. Sub-limits apply. Not sure? Our friendly team are here to help. Get in touch