Travel with Jane’s Gender Pay Gap Discount

Travel with Jane is a new travel insurance brand for Australian women who love to travel. We’re powered by Insured By Us, based in Sydney and proudly 100% Australian owned. From March 2017 to March 2020 we offered a gender pay gap discount to customers identifying as woman. Here you can learn more about that.

Why did we launch a gender pay gap discount

When Insured by Us (IBU) launched Travel with Jane on International Women’s Day, March 2017, we announced that our customers would receive a discount on their policies, equal to the national gender pay gap percentage. Back then it was 16.2%. That meant a 16.2% discount on all travel insurance product for customers who identified as women. Through the years this figure has – thankfully – nudged down a few points, yet Australian women’s pay is far from parity. 

Using the latest Average Weekly Earnings trend series data released by the ABSs, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has calculated the national gender pay gap as 13.9% for full-time employees. A difference of $242.90 per week.

Our reason for challenging the GPG was that we wanted to support our female customers where it counts most – their wallets. But equally, we wanted to show that businesses, even insurance companies, had a right and a duty to talk about gender pay equality, in terms of how it affects their patron’s disposable income.

What was the discount based on?

Travel with Jane’s gender pay gap discount reflected the national Gender Pay Gap, as identified by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).  The national Gender Pay Gap, draws on current ABS data and is updated on average twice yearly in February and August.

Who was the discount for?

Travel with Jane’s gender pay gap discount was created  for customers who identified as women. However, in line with anti-discrimination law, customers identifing as male, or other, were able to access the discount by enquiring directly with our team via live chat during business hours or by email at No request was refused.

Why did we end the discount?

In 2020 Travel with Jane is taking their gender equality campaign global. Through our Scrap the Gap campaign, we’re supporting women who are kicking down the gender divide here, and abroad through the not-for-profit work they do. As of International Women’s Day 2020 (9th March) Travel with Jane will donate 10% of sales to specific cause partners. For more on our campaign, see here. 

Can I still get the discount?

Have you bought a Jane policy in the past with the gender pay gap discount? As a thank you for backing our first gender equality campaign we want to extend the pay gap discount to our earliest supporters. We’ve sent out an email with a discount code that guarantees a 14% discount on all policies sales, until further notice. Didn’t get your email? Please let us know by emailing



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