Luggage, belongings & cash

Did your bags and things head for the hills on your trip? Here’s how Travel with Jane will cover your lost, stolen or damaged luggage, devices and personal belongings

It can happen to anyone. Your bag is beside you at the train station and next minute it’s nicked. Or, you’re happily sunning yourself at the pool when your phone gets stomped on by a clumsy waiter. Not Happy. Whether you’ve lost your sunglasses, handbag and gear, had them stolen, or accidentally damaged, Travel with Jane has you covered.

Theft or damage to baggage and personal items

If your luggage or personal items (including glasses and sunglasses) are stolen or damaged on your trip Travel with Jane will pay to repair or replace up to a total of $1,500 on Basic cover, $6,000 on Comprehensive and $3,000 Domestic cover levels. This benefit is not available on Saver cover.

Electronic devices sich as personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, video recorders or cameras are not covered under this section.

We will pay you for each of the following:

  1. You suffer accidental damage, theft, or permanent loss of your luggage and personal items, due to circumstances outside of your control;
  2. You have cash stolen up to the applicable limit (we must receive a police report confirming the theft);
  3. You lose your dentures or dental prostheses;
  4. You need to buy essential clothing and toiletries because your carrier temporarily loses or causes delay to your luggage for more than 12 hours. This does not apply to the final leg of your trip. If the delay is more than 72 hours, you must have receipts and written confirmation supporting your claim, which need to include the length of the delay, from the appropriate authority. Note that excess does not apply to this benefit;
  5. You suffer financially because your travel documents, travellers’ cheques, passport or credit card has been stolen, lost, or used fraudulently. You must comply with any conditions of the issuing body;
  6. You incur reasonable additional costs while having your passport or travel documents replaced following the accidental damage, theft, or permanent loss of your passport overseas. Note that excess does not apply to this benefit; In the event that a claimable theft, damage or loss of your luggage and personal effects occurs, we will allow you one automatic reinstatement of the sum insured for the plan selected.

In the event that a claimable theft, damage or loss of your luggage and personal effects occurs, we will allow you one automatic reinstatement of the sum insured for the plan selected.


Personal money and cash

​If your cash, credit cards or travellers cheques are lost, stolen or used fraudulently, Travel with Jane will pay a maximum of $300 on Basic cover while on Comprehensive and Domestic cover it’s $1,000.
This benefit is not available on Saver cover.

The money or cards need to have been carried on your person, and if they’ve been stolen or fraudulently used, the perpetrator can not be your relative or travelling companion.


  • If you have not reported the theft of your cash travellers cheques, credit cards or other important travel documents within 24 hours to the police, you won’t be covered.
  • Likewise, if you have not reported the theft of your travellers cheques or credit cards to your bank or credit card issuer within 24 hours, you won’t be covered.
  • Very specific and strict conditions apply. Not all rules and exclusions have been listed here. Please see the Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording for full details.

When you go on your trip, you need to ensure you safeguard your property otherwise, we will not pay your claim.

Even with travel insurance, no one wants to lose their luggage while travelling, so we’re thinking you’re going to do everything you can to keep your stuff safe and avoid sticky situations. The devil is in the detail, so take note of some important rules and exceptions that apply to making a claim on lost, stolen or damaged luggage. For example:

  • Keep your belongings locked securely in a locker or cabinet
  • Keep belongings secure in your or your travelling party’s locked, private room
  • Do not leave your belongings unsupervised in a public place

Official record and police report

If you think that your property has been stolen or lost, make sure that you report it to the local police as soon as possible and get an official written police report. If you are aboard public transport or staying in accommodation when the theft or loss occurs, you should also report the theft or loss to a responsible officer of the transport or accommodation provider immediately and ensure that you get a copy of the written report from the person you made the report to.

Proof of ownership

If we are to pay a claim, you must have appropriate evidence to support your claim. For example, keep receipts or any other evidence of ownership or value, luggage tickets, evidence of forced entry (e.g. photos), written reports from carriers relating to the claim.


A pair or related set of items (for example glasses or a camera and lens) is considered one individual item. Examples of individual items include, but are not limited to: a camera, multiple lenses (attached or not), tripod and accessories; a matching pair of earrings; a set of skis with bindings.

Replace, repair, depreciation

We may decide to either repair or replace the property or pay you its value after allowing for depreciation including wear and tear. In any case, the payment will not be more than the original cost of the item.

Making a claim

To submit your claim, please go to our website and provide as much information as possible about what happened. If you’ve already lodged a claim, you can also email your supporting documents, together with your policy number and claim number to:

The following documents are needed, if applicable:

  • Police report
  • Report from the hotel or transport provider
  • Confirmation from the transport provider that they lost your checked in luggage
  • Proof of ownership and value for any personal items or cash you’re claiming for, such as receipts, valuations, or bank statements showing cash withdrawals.
  • Receipts for costs you incurred to replace your essential medication
  • Proof that you travelled overseas, such as: photos of your boarding pass, ensuring that your name and destination are visible; or credit card or bank statements or receipts showing an overseas transaction; or any other proof that you went overseas on holiday for our consideration.
  • Confirmation that you contacted your mobile phone service provider to block your mobile phone (if applicable)
  • Bank statements showing what you paid in AUD, if you paid for costs in a foreign currency with a credit card.

Compare our luggage and belongings benefits across 4 levels of cover

It’s easy to choose the right level of cover when you compare how each one takes care of specific benefits. Travel with Jane offers 4 travel insurance plans to suit every Australian. Compare our travel insurance levels to find the right cover for you.

Understand your cover

Conditions and exclusions apply to every cover level and optional pack. View our Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide for full details. Sub-limits apply. Not sure? Our friendly team are here to help. Get in touch