Passports & travel documents

Lost your passport, important travel documents or cash ? Here’s how Travel with Jane covers you.

Losing your passport or important travel documents can turn your dream holiday into an admin nightmare. Ditto for having your credit cards, cash or travellers cheques stolen. In short, if you’re stuck without a passport or money, it’s safe to say you need an urgent lifeline. While these things can – and do – happen, breathe easy knowing that we offer a stack of benefits that take care of missing passports, travel documents, credit cards and cash.


Passport taken off without you? We have you covered under our theft or damage to baggage & personal items benefit.

We’ll cover the reasonable costs to having your passport replaced following the accidental damage, theft, or permanent loss of your passport overseas. The maximum amount we will pay is $2,500 on Basic and $6,000 Comprehensive cover. This benefit is not available on Saver and Domestic cover levels.

Travel documents lost stolen or damaged

If your passport or important travel documents such as a visa, is stolen or fraudulently used by someone other than you, your relative or travelling companion while on your trip, we will pay you your costs you have to pay to replace them or resulting from their fraudulent use, up to the applicable limit.

We will pay you the costs you have to pay to replace them or loss resulting from their fraudulent use, up to the applicable limit. To be eligible, the stolen passport or document must have been carried with you.

A maximum payout of $2,500 is available on Basic while on Comprehensive it’s $6,000. The travel documents benefit is not available on Saver and Domestic cover levels.

Good to know

  • Losing your passport on holiday is the last thing you want. Your Travel with Jane insurance policy will cover you in most instances, but to be super prepared, you need to know about certain conditions and exclusions.
  • If you have not reported the theft of your passport or other important travel documents within 24 hours to the police, you won’t be covered.
  • Very specific and strict conditions apply. Not all rules and exclusions have been listed here. Please see the Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording for full details.

Make a claim for a lost passport or travel document

If your passport is lost, stolen or damaged, call our emergency assistance service so we can help you find a local consulate and so we can tell you what you need to do to make a claim. When getting in touch to make a claim for a stolen passport and travel documents, or claiming online, please provide as much information as possible about what happened.

  • Police report
  • Report from the hotel, restaurant, venue or transport provider where the incident took place
  • Receipts for any costs that you’re claiming for
  • Bank statements showing what you paid in AUD, if you paid for costs in a foreign currency with a credit card.

Compare our travel documents benefit across our levels of cover

It’s easy to choose the right level of cover when you compare how each one takes care of specific benefits. Travel with Jane offers 4 travel insurance plans to suit every Australian. Compare our travel insurance levels to find the right cover for you.

Understand your cover

Conditions and exclusions apply to every cover level and optional pack. View our Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide for full details. Sub-limits apply. Not sure? Our friendly team are here to help. Get in touch