Adventurer: Camilla an ex-interior designer, working in different offices around United Kingdom.

15 July 2023

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About you

My name is Camilla, an ex-interior designer, working in different offices around London, UK, that has now decided that the world should be my office. I transitioned to working remotely a few years ago when I got sick of working in a corporate environment, and I’m now a digital nomad travelling full time. I now teach others how they can transition into the online space and help to develop them to become online business owners, showing them exactly how I did it myself to achieve this kind of freedom-based lifestyle. I usually travel solo and I’ve been travelling around Africa for about 2 years now, which is probably my favourite continent!

Why do you travel and look for adventures?

I look to experience anything that life throws at me. I want to experience how people live in different cultures, different foods, and different day-to-day lifestyles. I usually live as locally as possible and don’t stay in resorts. Travel also makes me so much more grateful for what I have and really opens my eyes to new possibilities as well. It also builds your character and resilience (especially when you’re travelling solo) and definitely gives you a different perspective on life! I also chase the sun so I love going anywhere that’s warm!

What kind of adventures do you look for when you travel?

I love local adventures, just doing random things with local people and seeing their way of living. They’re my favourite type of adventure where you don’t actually know what to expect but you just do it anyway. I also love hiking to different viewpoints, as well as being adventurous with local food!

What’s your go-to travel hack?

I have a few, but here are my top ones!
* Download Google Maps OFFLINE so you can find your way back if you don’t have any signal or data.
* You’re allowed to ask the airline for an extra meal if you’re still hungry – they usually have spares!
* Use compression packing cubes to save space in your bag – and roll your clothes.
* Make sure you have more than one card to withdraw money, sometimes ATMs swallow up your card so you’ll want to have a backup or 2, or even 3.

Got any gear you can’t travel without?

My headphones are 100%! I’m lost if I don’t have music. I also have to travel with my phone and laptop at all times because I still need to get work done!

What destination are you eager to go back to?

Soo many but i’ll always love going back to Thailand, would love to go back to Peru and Hawaii aswell. I’d also like to go back to Jamaica and see more of the island. I’ve always wanted to come back to South Africa since I first came, and i’ve been back 4 times since haha.

How do you stay safe when you’re travelling?

– If you’re travelling solo, don’t post where you are at that exact time until you’ve left the place – Don’t tell people where you’re staying – that should be your safe space – Just be extra aware of your surroundings. If you’re driving and you’re on quiet roads, keep having a look to make sure no one’s following you if they see you’re a female on your own – Try to speak to the local people to ask them about what areas aren’t the safest to go to. You can Google this in advance as well – When you’re in a taxi, make sure you have your destination loaded up on your maps as well and check that they’re driving the right way and not taking some dodgy turnings (even if you’re in an Uber – just keep checking the map)

What’s the best way to experience a destination like a local?

Speak to the locals themselves. Sometimes Airbnb hosts put together packages but sometimes they also just put what they think tourists would like and that isn’t that local, so just make sure to ask. You can ask waiters at a restaurant, you can ask people at the bus stop, random people on the street, or just anyone around πŸ™‚

What’s your favourite word in another language?

Yalla πŸ˜ƒ (means ‘come on’/’let’s go’ in Arabic)

When and where are you next travelling?

I’ll be heading back to Europe from South Africa soon, and then maybe i’ll spend the summer in Europe but I have no plans yet! I just usually take it week by week

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