Adventurer: Laura Solo Traveler

9 March 2021

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About you

I’m a 30-something solo female budget traveler who lives for adventure and staying active!

Why do you travel and look for adventures?

For new experiences and adventures, to meet new and awesome people, learn about different cultures and how other people live, try new and delicious food, and see new landscapes

What kind of adventures do you look for when you travel?

I love cities and nature equally. I love hiking in new places with different landscape; but I also love the culture in towns and cities, the food, and the nightlife.

What’s your go-to travel hack?

Don’t plan too much and go with the flow. And get off the beaten path.

Got any gear you can’t travel without?

snacks, sunscreen, and sunglasses

What destination are you eager to go back to?

Colombia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil

How do you stay safe when you’re travelling?

Dress modestly when traveling by bus or train between towns/cities, always be aware of your surroundings, and walk with confidence.

What’s the best way to experience a destination like a local?

Try to talk to locals and make friends. Explore beyond the generic tourist sights.

What’s your favourite word in another language?

“Aguafiestas” means “party pooper” in Spanish and it’s funny because the direct translation is “water party”

When and where are you next travelling?

That’s a mean question haha! Realistically around my province, British Columbia in Canada. But I would love to explore and hike Madeira in Portugal. As well as Japan, Georgia the country, Ukraine and the Baltics, Tunisia, Iran, and explore more of South America in depth.

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