Your Worldwide Airport WiFi Map Has Landed

11 October 2016

Rejoice! Legend of note, Anil Polat, has created an epic interactive map of airport WiFi passwords.

Boarding an international flight often means being without your precious cellular data the minute you land. Thus begins the scramble for free WiFi – a thing you’ll do for the most part of your holiday, unless you power up with a local data pack (wise) or enable exxy roaming of course.

Switching on and logging in at the airport can often be more than just a chance to check our social feeds. For many of us, accessing data = keeping up with work, letting loved ones know where we are, booking last minute hotels, and Ubers, and checking train timetables and the like. So it goes without saying that tracking down free airport WiFi is somewhat of a priority.

Fortunately, someone has done the hard yards.

From Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol, to Sao Paulo International and LAX, Travel blogger and computer security engineer, Anil Polat has fellow travellers covered with a comprehensive map of airport WiFi locations and logins around the world.

Along with WiFi access information, Polat’s map – dubbed WiFox – also offers tips on where to park for the strongest WiFi signal. Best of all, Polat updates the map regularly, based on verified information submitted by travellers. All of the airport hotspots are shown on a Google map, which you can download for offline use.

Find your airport from the searchable list to unlock airport hotspot locations in the airport or lounge, network name, password, plus any other details that might help you get online (e.g. “sit next to gate 47 for the strongest signal”).

In September, Polat went a step further with the release of his map in app form for both  iOS &  Android devices on Google Play. Someone give the man a prize!

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