Eco-Friendly Tents Are Here To Save Festivals from Landfill Mayhem

29 June 2017

Australia’s festival season might be yonks away, but for the preppers and lucky ones touring the Euro circuit right now, knowing that these fully recyclable tents exist might be very relevant indeed.

Ever attended a three day music festival? Chances are you bought a tent especially for that festival. But did you take said tent back home afterwards to use again? Maybe you did, but maybe not: every year 1 in 4 festival visitors leave their tent behind on festivals. In 2016 at Glastonbury alone over 6,000 tents were left behind, creating a massive clean-up operation costing both money and time. We’ve all seen the photos, and a field of abandoned tents destined for landfill is not a pretty sight.

Fortunately a pair of Dutch university graduates have come up with the perfect festival tent. Behold KarTent, a temporary abode which stays rain resistant for a few days and can be recycled afterwards – because it’s made from cardboard.

The tents, which take just a few minutes to put together and fold into position, are fixed to the ground with normal pegs. Inside you’ll find enough space for two people plus bags. The structures are ventilated via a hole in the back, and they are surprisingly less flammable than standard tents.

The best part? The blank cardboard walls are practically begging to be drawn on. A recyclable tent slash art canvas? Say no more.

The greatest part of it all is that KarTent will actually hand-deliver your tent to your festival for you, so if you’re heading to a European festival this summer, this might just be for you. As the company is still in its early days of development, they haven’t figured out how to get these cardboard tents down under although they will be making their first local appearance at the Yours and Owls festival in Wollongong this September, so it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be available to buy, we reckon.

glastonbury tent

The Great Glastonbury Tent Walkout of 2016


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