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Discover Your Travel Personality with the Airbnb Trip Matcher

22 June 2017

Not sure if you’re in the mood for an urban adventure or nature escape? See if Airbnb can work out your travel personality from 10 possibilities.

Are you a fashion-focused traveller interested in perusing London’s famous shopping streets? Or a Sydney-bound daredevil seeking surf spots and outdoor workouts? Airbnb reckons this Trip Matcher quiz can help you nail down your travel personality and uncover your innate travel style and ultimate destination.

What do you wear for an early morning flight? Yoga gear, fashion-forward boots or the same outfit from last night? How does nature make you feel? Inspired, itchy, or meh? According to Airbnb, answering these sorts of questions can help you determine your unique travel personality.

Whether you’re ‘The Artiste,’  ‘The Change Agent,’ a ‘Time Traveller’ or something else, Airbnb has most bases covered. For each personality type, the home-sharing service has pinpointed the city best suited to your interests, and crafted a juicy itinerary based on your travel tastes, complete with tailored Airbnb recommendations (of course).

Pop culture junkies, for example, should go cool hunting in Los Angeles — the heart of celebrity, performance, and show business. Airbnb has selected Echo Park bungalows and light-filled lofts in Downtown Los Angeles to book, as well as exclusive experiences for each adventure. Like learning the craft of writing for film and television with the pros.

Nature lovers, on the other hand, are pointed to Nairobi, Kenya, where they can book a garden-filled estate and go stand-up paddle boarding through mangroves in the village of Shela, just outside the African city.

All that’s left now is to take the quiz and see what Airbnb has in store for you?

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