Foodies: Krystal is a Lover of Food and Adventure

13 May 2021

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About you

I’m Krystal – a lover of food and adventure.

Why do you travel and eat?

I’ve always believed that travel is about expanding our horizons and chasing opportunities for authentic experiences. And for me, a big part of this is having great food wherever I go. Food is a wonderful way to bring people together and also connect us to different cultures. It’s one of the best ways to truly understand the traditions and daily lives of people. There’s something so intimate about breaking bread with someone and guiding my travels through the food I want to experience has really opened my eyes to some amazing things.

What’s your go-to travel hack?

Whenever you go to a spot worth photographing, just stop and put away the phone. Enjoying a place for just five minutes without distraction and with your own eyes is something so special. You get to slow down, be more mindful of the sounds, smells, and sensations you’re feeling in that moment. Then you can take all the photos you want that will help capture how you truly felt at that time whenever you look back at it.

How do you find unique food when you’re travelling?

Ask around for recommendations. I love exploring social media before I head to a location, connecting with local foodies, and getting their tips. Or just striking up conversations with people I meet while on the road. You’re always bound to find some great food – or at least, a great story!

What is the strangest thing you’ve eaten while travelling?

I was once in a restaurant in Spain with my sister where the menu was completely in Spanish and the waiters couldn’t speak a word of English. We decided to go adventurous for one of us and pick blindly off the menu. For the other, we decided to go safe and choose the ‘lasagna’ we had also seen on the menu. The first, adventurous meal came out and it was delicious! But this safe ‘lasagne’ ended up being just some mysterious meat with some cheese melted on top of it. Not the lasagne we’re used to and definitely not a meat I have tried before! We’re still trying to figure out what it was we could’ve eaten.

How do you stay healthy when trying new foods when travelling?

I love walking when I travelling – it’s a great way to work off the food but also to see the city. You discover so many great hidden nooks while you’re walking and get a real feel of the city that way. And water! Drinking tons of water can never be overlooked whether you’re travelling or not.

What’s the best way to experience a destination and eat like a local?

Ask for recommendations. Locals know best and will take you to the places that they usually frequent, not just the ones that appear on top of the Google Search. When you’re open to whatever may come – good or bad – it will always be a unique experience.

What’s your favourite word in another language?

Meraki – it means ‘to do everything with heart and soul’ in Greek

How Has travel changed in your lifetime and how will it change over the next 25 years?

A small thing called a global pandemic meant travel was suddenly restricted and we had to really reflect on what travel meant to us. When the freedom to just take a trip away for the sake of it was not there, we examined what it was that we were searching for while abroad.
I still believe that there is so much power in travel to nourish our souls and teach us invaluable lessons about ourselves and the world around us. But I see the future of travel as more intentional – not just personally with how we understand its value, but also in the ways in which we travel. That means more slow travel, conscious travel; travel that will allow us to minimise our impact on the places we visit in economic, social, and environmental ways. I would love us all to be more mindful of how we help the cities we visit and not just drain their resources. And I hope to see people seek out extraordinary experiences that aren’t just the usual bucket list items.

When and where are you next travelling?

I’d love to head back to South America where I was headed before the pandemic hit. I had just arrived and was ready to start my adventure. Safe to say, I’ve got some unfinished business over there and I can’t wait to go back.

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