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Why We Decided To Cover The Gender Pay Gap for our Female Customers

22 February 2017

We’re offering women, or people who identify as women, a 16% discount on travel insurance, in line with the current Australian National Gender Pay Gap of 16%.

But what the heck does a travel insurance company have to do with gender equality?

Good question, and one we haven’t been asked out loud… just yet. If someone were to ask, our answer would be simple. We’re a travel insurance startup for women. Australian women are our core customers. And so an issue that affects women is an issue that affects us too. Not to mention, half of us here at Travel with Jane are women, so there’s that. Not convinced? Then let’s dig a little deeper…


Women are paid 16% less at work, so why are they expected to pay full price at the checkout? I mean? Forget about the pink tax and the tampon tax and contraception costs and child care costs, and, and, and. Our wallets are gouged at every given opportunity and it really isn’t fair when we’re not even paid the same. Much like climate change deniers, pay gap deniers, most often of the Men’s Rights Activist’s variety, will claim that the pay gap is all but a myth. They could be right – the current national gap of 16% may well indeed be a myth, with a much higher figure quoted by the Government people charged with keeping an eye on the data. That would be the Workplace Gender and Equality Agency. The WGEA announce the pay gap twice a year, based on current Australian Bureau of Statistics data. But according to a separate annual study conducted by the WGEA, one that compares the salaries of Australians employed full time at private sector companies with a hundred or more staff, the gap is an unsightly 23.1%.

The pay gap is real, and the pay gap is big. It means we walk home with less in our pockets, have less in our super accounts, and have less to fall back on. Why on earth should we be expected to pay the same at the till then? Call it #FeministLogic, but we at Travel with Jane think that until the gender pay gap joins the likes of the dinosaurs, it’s really only fair that we charge women less for the thing we sell, travel insurance.


Here’s a tenuous link some might say, but what if, just what if, women were less inclined to fork out for the things like travel insurance because they can’t quite justify the cost? We can’t be sure about this, it’s just a hunch. We already know women are less inclined to invest in themselves and spend more on the people they love. Maybe this translates into skipping out on travel insurance for themselves, maybe not. Either way, we think that a gender pay gap discount of 16%, on top of already low rates should make the decision to travel with insurance an easy one.


Whether women are heading off on short flight mini-breaks, exotic voyages of discovery, or digital nomading their way across all of the lands, we want them to benefit from every opportunity to travel better. Starting with proper cover for if the proverbial hits the fan. But also, armed with advice and ideas specifically for women travellers.
We’re jumping on the bandwagon because we feel we can add to the conversation in the place that comes natural to us – travel tips for women who go their own way.


Yep, we’re feeling just a little feisty about the fact that gender inequality is still a thing. So up yours pay gap!

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain

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