Broke in London? Here’s How To Do It

15 December 2017

No city is less easy on the Aussie wallet than ol’ London Town which is why every budget tip counts.

When it comes to international travel, London remains one of the most popular destinations and a no-miss stop for a first-time visitor to England. However, it can be one of the most expensive cities, especially if you are a budget traveller. There are some tips you can use to make the trip both affordable and enjoyable. Consider these practices on your London trip, whether it is your first or repeat visit.


One of the perks of travelling around London is having access to the established and developed public transport system – the London Undergound, or Tube is it’s famously called. Instead of buying a one-day travel pass, you can use a Visitor Oyster Card. This card can help save you 50 percent off of a regular pass that you buy physically. Also, holding a Visitor Oyster Card will give you access to offers on various foods and drinks from local establishments. Bonus tip: be vigilant about tapping off – not doing so is a sure way to see your precious Oyster empty out before your eyes.


London’s Tube is awesome and all that, but it’s easy and interesting to save a few pounds on travel by taking to the streets on foot instead. Not only is this a friendly city for walking and cycling, there are also plenty of accommodating routes that dish up excellent views of the town – like the many footpaths tracing the Thames. Walking London is a two birds with one stone sort of thing.


London has the big buck paid attractions, such as a Premier League soccer game or a visit to Madame Tussauds, well and truly covered, but consider the free sights and landmarks as well. Believe it or not, but there are loads of attractions accessible to you without having to spend a pound. Check out the Sky Garden, the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, East London street art, and the Museum of London for instance. These are great places to snap some photos while saving money.


With the London Pass, you can freely access a wide variety of attractions the city has to offer. These include the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and more. You can also get onboard the Thames River Cruise. The pass will also allow you to bypass lines for these attractions, which can consume a lot of time.


Some attractions are simply not doable if you have not prepared in advance. The lines can be overbearing, and the ends may not be worth the hours spent waiting. To take care of this issue, make sure you have researched and booked any attractions ahead of time. Once you know what to expect, you can outline which ones you will visit first. The reward is a more economical and enjoyable experience.


Being a major international city, London is a hub for live music and comedy scenes. Many talented locals or traveling artists take part in these shows hoping to take the next big step in their careers. These shows are fun and usually more affordable than traditional theater or major music concerts. Do some research on which shows are taking place at which
venue before your trip.


Food is part of the experience when you visit an international city like London but it’s with out a doubt one of the pricier places to wine and dine. You can bookmark some specialty places on your visit, but if you want to save some extra cash, they have more modest options available for getting your bites. Some retail locations or local stores offer convenient on-the-go foods such as sandwiches and chicken wraps. Street food is possible too; you can try items such as jalapeno mac and cheese, buttermilk fried chicken bap, rib meat, and more.

London is so worth it, and more so when you spend wisely. If you are on a budget and looking to make London an affordable experience, then consider these tips during your planning. By making flexible decisions and understanding which options you have, you can have a great experience in one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world.

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