Quell Your Fear of Flying with 5 Comforting Thoughts

24 May 2017

If you’re nervous about flying best conquer those fear before they escalate out of control and spoil your trip. Easier said than done, you say? Let these 5 tips help you out.


Millions of people around the world are hopping onto airplanes every minute of the day, with flights taking off every few seconds. This wouldn’t be happening if there were any grounds for concern. That’s because passengers know they are in safe hands; if you have any doubt of that, just take a look at the relaxed faces around you. Parents are confident to take their precious children on board, and VIPs like royalty and heads of state think nothing of taking a flight when it suits their plans.


Your airplane and all its workings will be thoroughly checked over by skilled engineers before takeoff and then monitored by experts throughout the journey. How often does your car get a thorough inspection? Remember that your plane will also be tracked by radar, and that air traffic controllers will be communicating with your pilot and co-pilot along the way to ensure every detail goes to plan. [minti_spacer height=”30″]


Airplane crews are not heroes, bracing themselves to face terrible daily dangers; they’re just ordinary people, earning their living like everyone else, and they’ll pace the gangway like you’d pace your hallway at home. If you’re worried by any sensation during your flight, such as a shudder or tilt, watch the stewards. Do they look concerned? Well, if they do, it’ll only be about spilling the coffee.[minti_spacer height=”30″]


Year on year, reliable statistics confirm that flying is the safest form of travel. Serious technical problems are very rare, and even when they do arise, they can usually be resolved or minimised. Meanwhile, security has never been tighter, so you can put your mind at rest on that score too. After your flight, you might like to check how many traffic accidents occurred back home during your flight?[minti_spacer height=”30″]


Floating in the air may seem fundamentally unnatural to you, as a human being, but that’s just because you lack wings. If you were a bird, you’d feel safer in the air than on the ground. You’d sense the power of your wings over the invisible current, just like the force of your limbs on water when you swim. Flight is a natural form of transport. Birds have thrived on it for billions of years, so why not you, too?[minti_spacer height=”30″]

If you still have any jitters about flying, look away from the window during your flight and keep your mind busy with some entertainment. You’ll be fine 🙂

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