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Don’t Go Onboard Without These! What To Pack In Your Flight Kit For Comfortable Travel

13 January 2016

Thoughts of a long-haul flight got your frazzled? Pack these 6 items in your onboard luggage and make comfort your middle name.


Airline masks can be little iffy in the quality stakes, either fitting too tight or too lose, or not covering enough of your face. Bring a tried and tested eye mask if you can. If you’re stuck with a airline mask onboard that’s too loose, tie a knot in the elastic. If the mask fits too tight, stretch out the elastic as much as you can.


Those little ‘U’ shaped grey blow up pillows are great multi-taskers. Use them to prop up your neck while seated upright – but turn them around so that your neck rests flat against the seat back. If you’ve scored a window seat, lean up against the pillow, or use it as an arm or shoulder support. If you’re looking for extra lower back support, deflate the pillow until it fits snugly behind you.

When shopping for a blow up pillow, look for the ones with the flat back – they allow you to wear the pillow without pushing your neck forward. Our mates at Skyscanner have done the homework for you with their best travel pillow shortlist.

If you’re dedicated to comfort, pack 2 or 3 of them, they inflate down to nothing and will have your back in more ways that one.


Airplanes are noisy at the best of times, but even more so around meal service – perhaps just the time when you’ve finally fallen asleep. Again, most airline amenity Janes include earplugs, or if they don’t, cabin crew can usually bring you some. However, bring your own, which you’ve previously taken for a test-drive, eradicates all uncertainty.
Look for earplugs that mould well, and are especially designed to cancel noise. Because earplugs, like socks, have a habit of going walk about, those with a connecting cord are handy, as is having a specific, brightly coloured bag or pouch of some sort to stow them in.


While they might cost a bit more, cancelling headphones are worth every penny onboard a noisy flight. Designed to block out noise by emitting white noise, they’ll keep crying babies, thudding cabin trolleys and engine sounds from reaching you.

Another headphone tip is to pack a spare set such a bud earphones in case your ears get over being squished by headphones, and, pack a headphone adapter to plug into aircraft sound system so that your listening experience is in stereo, not mono.

If you’re prone to losing things, use nail polish to paint the black adapter a bright colour like orange. Even better, glow in the dark paint – or even a sticker – will help you spot a missing adapter rolling around the cabin floor.


So many applications! Wet wipes are obviously great for giving yourself a freshen up in the airplane loo, or taking off your makeup before slathering on some heavy-duty facial moisturiser.

Wet wipes, especially the anti-bacterial sort, are also essential for giving your seat and tray table a much needed once-over.

Studies have found that your tray table along with the seat back pockets is probably dirtier than your own bathroom floor. Best to give everything a little wipe down.

Last but not least, wet wipes come to rescue during inevitable turbulence-fuelled food spills on your clothes and anywhere else. Side note, if you find food stains particularly offensive, bring along a little stain pen to treat stains on onboard before landing.


Yes, most airline Janes include mini toothbrush and toothpaste Janes so you’re covered, but in the spirit of travelling responsibly a BYO toothbrush means one less toothbrush booked on the landfill express. If your own toothbrush feels too long, grab one from the airline Jane next time you’re onboard, but hang on to it to use again. A tooth brush head protector will help keep it in good nick.

If you’re stuck for one while travelling, the long lid of a lip balm stick makes the perfect home for your mini toothbrush.

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