Our community of female travellers has really taken to Airbnb, mostly because we love to ‘live like a local’. But should something go wrong, is Airbnb covered by travel insurance?

While Airbnb has been around a good 16 years now, country-specific rules and regulations are still playing catch-up. This has created many a grey area, and in some cases, legal complications. So if you’re a regular Airbnb-er, you’ve probably wondered how travel insurance views the whole setup, and whether your claims would be covered?

Accommodation claims

Wondering if travel insurance will pay an Airbnb claim? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Travel insurance covers you in an Airbnb property in the same way it covers a traditional hotel. So you’re covered for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, personal belongings and legal liability – provided you took good care of your belongings and acted responsibly.

Travel cancellations

As Airbnb is considered pre-booked accommodation, Travel with Jane covers the value of the unused dates if you suddenly need to cancel a trip, like becoming too ill to travel or being made redundant.

And if you need to make an emergency trip back home that cuts your Airbnb stay short? Policies with cancellation cover can take care of recovering your costs too. With Jane, that would be our Basic, Comprehensive and Domestic plans, and not our Saver plan.  See here for more on trip cancellation cover.

TIP Remember to always buy travel insurance before you book your accommodation and flights, so that you’re covered for changes you need to make before your trip start.

Lost or stolen personal belongings

When it comes to  Airbnb claims for lost, stolen or damaged luggage, you’re covered if you’ve booked out the whole house.

If you’ve only booked a private room, then the house is considered to be a ‘public place’ that you’re sharing with other people. Therefore, your luggage and belongings will now need to be inside your locked room for cover to apply. See here for more on personal belongings cover.

Medical emergencies

Booked into the Airbnb of your dreams? Say you seriously hurt yourself walking into a glass sliding door, or falling down a staircase? Your Airbnb-related medical bills will be covered by travel insurance too.

Claim from Airbnb first

In all cases, you’ll first need to claim from Airbnb, which offers insurance to cover the host’s property for public liability as well as specific damages within the property by the guest. We step in when accommodation providers including Airbnb, hotels and hostels, are unable to pay, or pay only a portion of your claim.


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